ATF Stage III Built Toyota A340E Transmission

Automatic Transmission Factory



This transmission has been tested in a number of full weight Toyota Supras running in the high 8s, low 9s in the quarter mile. ATF's Stage III A340E transmission easily handles more than 800 RWHP.

  • ATF Custom Calibrated & Dyno Tested Valve Body
  • ATF Custom Heavy Duty 2nd Gear Sprag Assembly
  • ATF Billet Accumulator Pistons
  • ATF Billet Forward 7075 Aluminum Piston
  • High Energy Clutches
  • New Steels
  • New Bushings & Seals
  • New High Flow Filter



This transmission paired with our Induction Performance 4000 stall has seen 9 second passes with 1.4x 60's.