HKS Titanium Racing Muffler Exhaust


$1,120.00 $1,400.00


For the high 800-1000 horsepower range applications, HKS offers the Racing Muffler system. Constructed of 102mm diameter -high-luster polished- SUS 304 stainless steel piping and a 170mm Titanium muffler assembly, the Racing Muffler is the lightest system (40% lighter than the already race inspired Hi-Power Exhaust system) and the highest flowing exhaust system HKS has to offer. The muffler utilizes a slip-on/latch design that mates the polished stainless steel piping and the lightweight titanium Muffler assembly. All Racing Muffler systems incorporate a 115mm-diameter tip and include a removable baffle insert for pit area use.

The Racing Muffler Systems are FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY.