Induction Performance Stage 1 VR38 Short Block

Induction Performance



It is said that you can’t put a price on peace of mind.

Well we just did.

Announcing the Induction Performance VR38 Engine Program, presented with one goal in mind: Speed without Sacrifice. In conjunction with our partners at Fast Forward Race Engines, we are proud to bring to the R35 GT-R community a reliable and cost effective engine program that can be counted on when you need it most.

We will be offering three different options for varying levels of power. Whether it’s a mild stock frame turbo upgrade or record seeking top mounts, we have an engine that fits the bill. All of which will feature our custom pistons from Diamond Racing, a piston proven time and time again in the world of professional racing. They are a perfect fit for VR38 engine with upgraded H13 tool steel wrist pins and Total Seal rings.

Our Stage 2 and Stage 3 engines also feature a proprietary sleeve design allowing for displacement of 4.0L, 4.1L or 4.4L depending on crankshaft. The Stage 3 engine includes a Sonny Bryant crankshaft in addition to proprietary bracing and other customizations all performed with overall block strength in mind. The engine is finished with Callies Ultra Billet Rods and a billet version of our Diamond Racing piston for ultimate power handling.

These engines are proven and ready to propel your R35 GT-R to new heights. 

Let us know how we can help you meet your goals! 

STAGE 1 SHORT BLOCK -- 3.8L (1400 HP) -- $5,999
- Includes all machine work/assembly
- Diamond Racing Forged Pistons w/ .200 wall H13 tool steel wrist pins and Total Seal rings                     
- Manley Turbo Tuff I-Beam Connecting Rods                                                                                               
- ARP 2000 Main Stud Kit                                                                                                            
- Nissan Rod and Main Bearings, Seals and Thrust Washers                                                                       

- ARP L19 Main Studs: $359
- Callies Ultra Billet Rods: $649
- Diamond Billet Pistons: $625